Growing up is hard to do.

And growing up in an orphanage, foster home, or homeless shelter makes it even harder. That's why Foster Box provides essential supplies for Houston-area girls age 10-16 that support their mental and physical wellbeing during the transition to womanhood.

We foster:

Girls' Wellness

Becoming a woman introduces new physical, emotional and hygienic needs that can go unmet in homeless or group home settings. The simple gift of small personal items that are "theirs" can help girls take control of their own health and wellbeing.


Everyone needs help to become their best selves. But a young girl beginning adolescence in challenging family circumstances may not know where to turn for support. Foster Box provides supplies for girls' unique needs, so they can find the strength and self-confidence to meet their future.


At Foster Box, we believe that helping girls grow into healthy, happy women ultimately benefits the individual, their community and society as a whole. From the heart of Houston, Texas, we're serving our community's struggling young women in partnership with local high schools and nonprofits.

How it works

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Support disadvantaged young women. Foster Box team will do the rest.

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My Space Box $20

for Mental Wellness

Includes a stress reliever, empowerment card, and diary.

My Place Box $15

for Physical Wellness

Includes pads, wipes, soap, and face mask.

About Foster Box

I wanted to help young women and was drawn to supporting local orphanages.  As I learned more, I discovered that many physical needs are supported but the frequent emotional trauma that accompanies changes in familial guidance goes beyond orphanages, especially in adolescent years.  

The idea of Foster Box started in hopes of making a positive impact by providing support for mental health with the My Space box, but I didn't want only to help alleviate stress.  I wanted to assist young women in homeless environments. This led to the My Place box. I hope that these two boxes will bring joy, hope, and relief to young women in need.

- Catrina Coe